African-Americans have a massive buying power in the United States at an estimated $1.3 trillion. But those dollars have a very limited impact in our communities because we aren’t spending with Black-owned businesses. The MS Gulf Coast Black-Owned Business Network is working to change that so that ALL our communities in Mississippi and along the coastal region are strong, viable and have the needed resources to grow.

Black-owned businesses often face the daunting task of breaking through racial and economic barriers  to even survive those early years. Where there may be an abundance of grit, passion and creativity to start a business, significant barriers may include the lack of additional funds to build a website, open a physical location and even the ability to market to those who would be willing to support them. Other challenges include being under-resourced in mentorship, funding opportunities and advanced-level business training and financial management services. 

We have made it our mission to help remove some of these barriers and to be BOLD and PASSIONATE about ensuring that Black-owned businesses receive the necessary nurturing, guidance and attention so they are thriving along the MS Gulf Coast. We hope that you will join us in this important initiative, shop with our businesses and cheer us on!


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